The VFW program that impacts more lives than any other program we have is the Adopt-A-Unit.

This program affects the lives of each and every member of the deploying National Guard, Reservist, and regular military, each of their families and every member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

By adopting one of the deploying units we, the members of the VFW step back into the arena of camaraderie that bonded our membership together during our own conflicts in our past. By adopting our young comrade’s we send our spirit, our hopes and our fears along with them in our hope for their safe return and also allows us, the VFW members, to know that we are doing our best to see to the needs of those families that are left at home during that families’ time of separation and fear for their loved ones.

The Adopt-A-Unit is only as successful as the adopting Post allows it to be. It requires a dedication to the belief that we are members of an organization that stands ready to help all our brothers and sisters that stand in harms way.

To be a part of such an important undertaking is not only an honor but also a duty no matter what age, what branch of service or when and where we served. By committing ourselves to this effort we again can feel the closeness and brotherhood that sustained us during our own service to our country.

To adopt a unit go to Adopt-A-Unit on our National website. In the right hand column in the gray shaded area there is a link for the Adopt-A-Unit application. Click on the link and then choose either the Word or PDF format, click on that link and download the application. Complete all the information required and mail or fax it to the address on the form. It takes about 6 weeks to process and mail out the certificate.

While you are at the link for the Adopt-A-Unit application, please note there is also a form entitled Adopt-A-Unit Activity Report. By using this report and sending it to National they will know of each Post’s effort with the unit they adopted.

Remember more than one post can adopt the same unit. This is really very beneficial to all concerned. It increases the resources, both in the number of members to get the job done and funds available.

Junker-Ball Post 1865 adopted Bravo Company, 257th BSB, which is deploying shortly in November 2008. The post has supported the unit by donating food items and soft drinks that the Family Readiness Group (FRG) sold at their Craft Fair, hosted and sponsored their children’s and Adult Christmas Party. Post 1865 also hosted the area Mobility Briefing. The post is also selling "Red Friday” T-shirts from the FRG to help them add to their support fund. Post 1865 has started a community supported fund for the members of Bravo Company to make emergency funds available on a local level.
Recently, American Legion Post 21 of Kenosha adopted Bravo Company and VFW Post 8343 is also adopting them. This greatly enhances the support that can be given to Bravo. Posts should contact other VFW posts in their area and other service organizations to bring about a strong, united front for all of our deploying Guardsmen. It is not only good for the units but for the entire community.
The first joint project for the adopting posts was to raise funds for 137 Blue Star Banners for Bravo Company. VFW Post 1865 and AL Post 21 efforts raised almost $900.00 in just 4 days.

The primary goal of the Adopt-A-Unit is to provide the best support available to our troops. The Guard and our VFW National asks that the major emphasis be placed with the families at home. By supporting the Family Readiness Group (FRG) in their fund raising, becoming acquainted with the Unmet Needs program and forming volunteer groups, both from the posts and the community, of trades persons (plumbers, electricians, etc.) to help when emergencies arise we will accomplish the primary goal of the VFW, "To honor the dead, by serving the living”.


Click links below for Adopt a Unit information:


Adopt a Unit Application


Adopt a Unit FAQ


Adopt a Unit Report 

*Please use one report per event

*Activities happening with the Same unit on the same day are considered one event